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The world’s first Blue Light Laser Separation Machine separate the back glass & frame of iPhone X

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

FORWARD made the world’s first Blue light Laser Separation Machine, used for separate mid-frame/bezel/back glass of cellphone, including iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In this video you can see three main contents:
1) Separate the iPhone X’s back cover glass with Blue Light Laser Separation Machine;
2) Use a Blue Laser to separate the frame of the iPhone X so as to replace the glass;
3) RMB-3+ laminate LCD & OCA of iPhone X

Why The Blue Laser is Your Better Choice?

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Blue light Laser Separation Machine:

1) No need computer, easy to operate
2) Accurate data
3) More secure, greener and profitable
4) Good quality and competitive price
5) Free shipping (most countries), 2 years warranty
6) It can solve the current most popular variety disadvantages of the optical fiber laser machine. FORWARD put a large amount of money to develop new technology and this new technology finally can launch after one year.
7) The blue light laser separation machine has several patents, including invention patent, utility models patent and appearance patent.

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