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What is the “Skinnable Blank Phone Case” ?

“skinnable blank phone case” is a mobile phone case exclusively launched by the Forward brand with both aesthetics and protection functions. Its most unique design is that it is convenient for customers to customize and change the texture and pattern of the phone case skin. High-quality and beautiful mobile phone cases are matched with different styles of skins, only to help technology shopkeepers meet the personalized and diversified needs of customers more efficiently.

What Is A FW-360 Edge Screen 360 Degree Rotary Separator?

Here is another new style thermal Separation Machine coming out too, which is called Edge Screen 360 Degree Rotary Separator. This is a machine that you can use it to separate flat screen, edge screen, separate the screen in frame, remove glue and disassemble the frame of mobile phone screen.

What Is A FW-2020 Universal Separator?

A new super-strong suction Universal Vacuum Separator has come out recently. This is a thermal separation machine that you can use it to disassemble the mobile phone flat screen, edge screen, frame disassembly and glue removing. You can separate the edge screen or removing glue in-frame as well.

Putting OCA With A High Precision Universal OCA Laminating Mold

Due to solve the problems of OCA's position alignment, there is an Universal OCA Laminating Mold coming up. It’s suitable for all edge and flat screens, even for apple watch. This mold literally improves your repair work efficiency and it’s so easy to align the position when putting OCA.