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How To Use FW-360+ Two-Button Rotary Edge Separator to Separate Samsung S10+ Edge Screen In-frame

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

How to separate Samsung Galaxy s10 plus Edge screen in-frame with FW-360+ two-button rotary edge separator? Samsung Galaxy S10+ front screen glass repair in frame, heating separate with FW-360 plus two-button rotary edge vacuum manual separation machine.

00:00 Brief Introduction
00:21 Part 1 FW-360 plus Separate Samsung S10+ Edge Screen In-frame
00:24 Test The Display And The Touch of Samsung S10+
01:55 Install And Set The FW-360 plus Separator
03:10 Cutting Crack On Samsung Front Screen Glass
09:17 Heating Separate In-frame & Glue Removing
10:21 Part 2 iPhone Flat Screen Separation

2021 New Arrival FW-360+ Two Button Rotary Edge Separator (dual head powerful pump) FORWARD:

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FW-360+ Compare FW-360 upgrade points
1. It has upgraded dual head powerful pump.
Super suction power, the suction power is increased by more than 50%.

2. The heating element is directly on the separation panel.
Improved temperature conduction efficiency.

3. It has added 360°bearing rotation.
The operation is smoother and does not stuck.

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