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FORWARD team is not only a manufacturer of the equipment and accessories, but also a leading brand of industry products developed from 0 to 1. Currently has nearly 30,000 clients in 164 countries/regions around the world. Over the years, we have deeply understood the importance of machines, tools, cell phone accessories supply and service to the mobile phone repair and accessories business. Therefore, we are constantly striving to provide top-level solutions to meet the different needs and requirements of dealers, wholesalers, refurbishers, repairers, technology shopkeepers, and low-cost entrepreneurs.

Screen Protector Cutting

In the context of the downturn in the market economy, it's hard running business and entrepreneurial risks are high. The needs of customers are becoming more and more diversified, and more and more customers have personalized customization needs. The FORWARD team has made two segmentation solutions here, one for technology shopkeepers and one for low-cost entrepreneurs. # Phone case custom solution mainly solves the pain points of mobile phone shops that are difficult to meet the needs of personalized customization, difficult to sell quickly, and excessive inventory, which leads to reduced profits.

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Back Cover Glass Repair

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How to replace the iPhone back cover glass quickly and safely? Here you can get a complete solution. Including machines, tools, and consumables to be used. There are also some related operation steps and technical tips. Because we have designed and produced fiber laser machines before, we are very aware of the advantages and disadvantages of fiber laser machines. The blue light laser separation machine is a patented new product developed by FORWARD team. Blue lasers have many advantages that traditional fiber lasers do not.

Screen Repair

Poor product quality, affecting your business? A new beginner, no one teaches? Bubble often returns, poor effect? Bought product, worried about warranty issues? As a leading enterprise of phone screen repair machines&tools manufacturing in China, FORWARD provides professional products and professional technical support for mobile phone cracked screen(Edge & Flat) repair.

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Motherboard Repair

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Hot air gun is one of the most frequently used tools in phone repair and the technical requirements for technicians are also very high. Microscopes, soldering iron and screwdrivers are also common maintenance tools. FORWARD team have been committed to developing innovative and easy-to-use tools and fix kits to let you repair the mobile phone's motherboard be easier.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Worldwide, as "Generation Z" people gradually become the main consumer, the demand for personalized customization is becoming more and more obvious. The accessories of consumer electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, and smart watches are developing in the direction of diversity, personalization and customization. Our mobile phone accessories are designed to help tech store owners meet consumers' needs, grow store profits, and become consumers' preferred brands. Source for quality products from powerfull wholesale suppliers - FORWARD.

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Customized On Demand

No matter what kind of machine & tools and mobile phone accessories, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. As China’s top manufacturer, FORWARD provides innovative solutions to all your needs, be it OEM or ODM, or technical support. Partner with FORWARD team with design & production and R&D capabilities and on-time delivery.

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