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Mobile Phone Repair Machine

With a decade of experience in mobile phone accessories and tools, FORWARD is a renowned automation equipment technology brand. Serving nearly 30,000 customers in 164 countries regions by 2022

we provide top solutions tailored to the diverse needs of dealers, wholesalers, refurbishers, repairers, technical shopkeepers, and low-cost entrepreneurs.

Mobile Phone Repair Machine Solution

For Technology Shopkeepers

It's a custom solution for store owners, offering screen protectors/skins and on-site customization for mobile phone cases.

It addresses high start-up cost, risk, low profit, and slow return. This solution achieves product value-added upgrades at a small cost, retaining customers.

Product Category

We have a complete set of mobile phone case solutions to help you make money quickly

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Mobile Phone Repair Machine Solution

◉ FORWARD team is a leading brand in the industry, providing equipment, accessories, and solutions globally.

◉With nearly 30,000 clients across 164 countries/regions, we've developed from 0 to 1.

◉ We deeply understand the significance of supply and service in the mobile repair business.Our constant strive is to meet the diverse needs of dealers, refurbishers, repairers, and entrepreneurs.

Discover a comprehensive solution for replacing your iPhone's back cover glass quickly and safely.

Resolve poor product quality and repair issues with our professional phone screen repair machines and tools.
FORWARD provides high-quality tools like hot air guns, microscopes, soldering irons, and screwdrivers for phone repair. Our innovative products make motherboard repair easier.

Get Customized Mobile Phone Case Solutions and Increase Your Business

Let FORWARD be your greatest enabler of success


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Technology experts such as Cambo Fixing, iCase Mobile Service Center and Mr Phone Doctor have all chosen our products. They are very satisfied with the quality and reliability of the machine.
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Explore our range of patented technologies and industry certifications, showcasing our commitment to innovation and quality


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