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iPhone 12 Pro Max Cracked Back Cover Glass Repair With FORWARD Blue Light Laser Separation Machine

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

The blue light laser machine is a professional iPhone back cover separation machine. It is suitable for iPhone 8 to iPhone 12 Pro Max back cover glass replacement. How to remove iPhone 12 Pro Max cracked back cover glass with Forward Blue Light Laser Separation Machine? Here is the tutorial video. World-first Blue light Laser Separation Machine, used for separate mid-frame/bezel/back glass of cellphone, including iPhone 12 Pro Max.

00:00 iPhone 12 Pro Max Functional Test
00:40 Use Blue Light Laser Separator To Separate iPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass
02:39 Remove iPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass
13:31 Replace The Rear Cover Glass
15:16 The Holding Fixed
16:16 Complete the Repair And Replacement Of The Back Cover Glass Of The iPhone 12 Pro Max
16:49 We’re Looking For Agents, Join Us

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