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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cracked Front Screen Glass Repair | In frame Laminating | RMB-3+ Laminator

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Front Screen Glass Repair Repair in Frame. Cutting crack with cutting machine, Heating Separate with FW-360 two-button rotary edge vacuum separator, In-frame Laminating with #FORWARD RMB-3+ oca lamination machine, curing with UV lamp.

00:00 S10+ Screen Testing
00:33 Cutting Crack On Samsung Front Screen Glass
01:17 Heating Separate & Glue Removing
07:13 In-frame Laminating & Bubble Removing
10:49 Curing Screen

The machine used in the video:
1) RMB-3+ Oca Lamination Machine:
2) Two-Button 360°Rotary Edge Separator:
3) UV Lamp:

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