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FW-360 Two-Button Rotary Edge Vacuum Separator For Edge/Flat In Frame Screens Manual Hot Separation

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

FW-360 two-button #rotary #edge manual vacuum separation machine ( ) is the latest universal in frame #separator on the market. It’s suitable for various mainstream edge/flat LCD touch screens, in-frame separating, glue removing, frame dis-assembly. 360° rotary design, two switches for heating and vacuuming, 3 groups temperature memory channels, built-in superior pump super strong suction, fast heating, operating very easy and efficient.

The old video forgot to tell you that when using edge in-frame separating mold, it is not necessary to use screws to fix it. Repost this updated video.

FW-360 Plus Two Button Rotary Edge Separator (dual head powerful pump) – 2021 New Arrival | FORWARD:

FW-2020 Two-Button Super-Strong Suction Separator:

FW-360 Product Characteristics:
1)360° rotary design. Freely rotate the direction, and work in the posture you are most used to. Rotating fixing clip design, only need to pull the clip to lock and unlock the platform, to prevent the working platform loosening during the operation.

2)Creative design, has 3 groups temperature memory channels, you can choose to use 3 groups default set memory temperature according to the needs of different models and different operations, respectively 65℃, 100℃ and 200℃. You can also change and set the temperature value of the 3 groups shortcut memory keys according to your operating habits, which is simple, efficient and convenient. The temperature adjustable range is 60℃ to 200℃. Built-in intelligent temperature control protection program, if the set temperature or actual temperature exceeds 120℃, the vacuum pump will stop working. If the temperature is lower than 120℃, the system will automatically restore the vacuum pump function, better protect the machine, and extend the service life.

3)High-class metal double switches, one is for controlling temperature, and the other is for controlling vacuum pump, more in line with the actual needs of repairpersons. It can only open the vacuum without heating, better protect the screen and extend the service life of the machine.

4)Built-in a fine air pump, super-strong suction, high-temperature resistance, ultra-quiet. It’s also equipped with a filter inside, which can effectively filter the broken glass and small residues brought by the separation, effectively increase the service life of the vacuum pump.

5)Preheating aluminum plate uses heightened design, which is easier to separate the screen. The vacuum adsorption area on the platform is larger and it’s more stable for using.

6)Special heating aluminum for heating platform, oxidative drawing sandblasting process, even heating, safer and energy saving. R chamfered design on all four sides, which is more conducive to the separation line and difficult to pull off. Use heating wire instead of heating plate, heat faster.

7)Threaded metal connects joint directly. No fear of high and low temperature, sealed without air leakage.

8)Built-in PTFE tube. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance.

9)Intelligent digital display instrument, intuitive and accurate, precise temperature control, simple operation, easy to adjust at any time.

10)Equipped with desktop fixed metal feet (Customers can decide whether to install these parts according to their needs)

11)It can be used with in-frame separating mold, adjust the torque according to the size of the model, suitable for various mainstream models, separation in frame supported.

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