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Mi 8 Front Glass Replacement in The Whole Phone – With Blue Light Laser Separation Machine, RMB-3+

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

How to use the blue light laser separating machine to replace the broken front glass of a mobile phone (such as Xiaomi) other than iPhone? Can the blue laser machine be used on other mobile phones besides the iPhone?
Here comes the video.
Using Blue Light Laser Separation Machine to laser Xiaomi Mi 8 front glass in the whole phone, then the glass is separated by a 360 separator and the whole phone is laminate with RMB-3+ oca laminating machine.

00:00 Blue Laser Separation Machine Laser Mi 8 Front Glass
02:47 Separate Glass on 360 Heating Plate Separator
07:18 Glass Laminating with RMB-3+ Oca Lamination Machine
10:34 Recommended

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