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Increase Zero+ Screen Protector Cutting Machine’s Profit – “F Shopkeepers”, “Exclusive Style” Customization – Text

Forward Lab
August 25, 2022

Hey friends, nice to meet you again!

In the last video, I used our exclusive app “F Shopkeepers” to show you how to customize the phone case skin in “Exclusive Mode”, including “Creative Head Portrait” patterns and “Photo with Stickers” patterns.
So today we should try the “text customization” pattern~ It’s fun, so let’s get started~

Coming to this interface, you can see that there are 2 elements that need to be customized: text and pictures.
First, we can choose a picture we like. These picture styles are very suitable for matching text, and the number of pictures will continue to be enriched by designers.
Then choose a name or a short slogan you like according to the picture.
Let’s see the effect from the front and the side.

Our text custom phone case is complete, maybe you still have questions?
1. Is there an introduction to the operation? Yes, 3 minutes on-site customization
2. Is the pattern clear? certainly
3. Is it waterproof and scratch resistant? necessary
If you have any other questions, feel free to leave me a message and I will answer you in next week’s video~ Bye

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