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Increase Zero+ Screen Protector Cutting Machine’s Profit — “F Shopkeepers”, help your customer preview the customization effect

Forward Lab
September 14, 2022

Hey guys, I think most of you have felt the ability to save inventory and customize screen protectors with our Zero+ Film Cutter. It should bring you a nice profit! But are you satisfied with that?

But we are not satisfied! This is not sincere enough! We as its manufacturers will never be happy with the benefits it can bring you. We must constantly develop new functions of the machine, which can attract more customers for you and maximize your profits!

Congratulations to you and congratulations to us! Now we do it!

In the past, Zero+ mainly helped you customize screen protectors for customers, now let it customize phone skins and phone cases!

You might say that “custom features” are nothing new in the market.

Yes, if it’s just “customization”, she is nothing new.

but! F shopkeepers! What customers see is what they get! As you know, customers tend to be picky and hesitant when it comes to choosing something good-looking. So this is an app that helps customers preview customized effects!

Our customizations are divided into 2 categories:

Traditional customization: all 3D patterns and skins with different touches will be displayed here, such as skin texture + cloth texture + wood texture, etc.

Exclusive customization: Customers can customize the avatar + text + pattern on the blank skin, which is very suitable for special holiday gifts.

Therefore, we are the first factory in the world that can use the film cutting machine to realize the customization of the skin of the mobile phone case. Important things are emphasized 3 times, the first one! the first! the first!

On-site customization! Machine profit increase! Customized effects can be previewed!

Hey guys, follow us and don’t get lost, I will explain it to you in the following video!

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