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Increase Zero+ Screen Protector Cutting Machine’s Profit — “F Shopkeepers”, “Classic Style” Customization

Forward Lab
August 25, 2022

Hey friends, we meet again!
Do you remember, in the last video, I introduced our exclusive App: F Shopkeepers, which can help customers preview the effect of customization of mobile phone cases.
So today, I will show you in detail the first type of customization: “traditional style”

First, customers can preview and choose the color of the phone case.
Then we come to the “traditional style” page, you will see two types of patterns: 3D embossed skin & various textured skins

Click into the 3D embossed skin pattern, and all the different styles of the series will be displayed here.
Look, the patterns are very rich, aren’t they? And do not underestimate this “display” function!
You should know: if there are too few patterns in the gallery, your customers may not be interested; and if there are too many patterns in the gallery, it is difficult for you to present
everything in the form of pictures or files. So this App has played a great role, its classification is very clear and intuitive, and it is easy for customers to choose.
Then let’s take a look at other texture skins. Now we mainly have 3 types: Wood, Leather, Fabric.
At this point you may ask, only these three? Of course not, we have a professional design team that will continuously enrich and update the gallery.
So what is the specific operation process? Let’s take a look!

How is it, is it cool?
Haha, what’s even cooler is our second custom type: “exclusive style”.Would you like to customize a unique head portrait for your customer? follow us and see you tomorrow!

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