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What is the Bubble Remover Machine and how it helps to repair phone screens?

To solve the problem with repairing and refurbishing the cellphone screens, many OCA Bubble Removal Machines are coming up on the cellphone repair market. It is a good helper to assist you in fixing cellphones perfectly in a short time, and it is so easy for you to operate with higher safety factor. However, you should finish all steps with lamination of the glass and LCD screen before you use a machine to remove the bubbles which remain on the cellphone screens.

Why Do We choose to Use the Bubble Remover Machine?

You can see that most people are not able to live without a smartphone in their daily life. You know, the smartphone can do many things in our life. Like pay for the bills, take photos, make free video calls with anyone around the world, shop online and do business with people in the globe, etc. The smartphone is very useful, and it is very small so that we can take it conveniently. However, if you drop the cellphone on the ground carelessly, it may leave a crack on the glass of the phone. So you have to change the entire screen or get a new phone, you know it would spend much money and time to change the screen or get a new phone just because the cellphone leaves a grave impact on the phone. You would think it isn’t worth to do it.

To solve the problem with the repair of cellphone screen, many LCD laminating machines and bubble remover machines are extensively coming up in the cellphone repair or refurbish market. The machines can help people to repair the screen at a low price and help the repair stores or phone repair industry to get tremendous profitable.

Today we would like to introduce the bubble remover machine to you. Maybe it would be useful for you to consider your phone repair & refurbish business.

What Is Bubble Removal Machine?

These machines have gained increased popularity due to how easy and profitable they are. The machine is used to remove bubbles that form on the cellphone’s screens after OCA and LCD lamination.

During the process of refurbishing the cellphones’ screens, repairers would like to use a laminating machine that typically leaves room for some bubbles on the phone’s screen. These bubbles are usually too tiny to be seen with our naked eyes. However, the final stage of refurbishment causes these tiny bubbles to move to each other, forming a visible bubble on the screen.

You don’t need to worry about it, because this problem has been solved. The OCA Bubble Removal Machine has come up.

The machine is designed to sniff out any invisible bubble and conduct an automatic cleansing after lamination. This machine provides a lasting OCA bubble problem solution to ensure that any bubble, no matter visible and invisible, lurking underneath the screen of the phone is wiped out, thus, helping you get that perfect look at first try.

What Are the Features of Mini OCA Bubble Removing Machine?

First, compare with the traditional machine, they need to manual buckle the door. It is easy to explode to cause a low safety factor. To solve this problem and improve the safety factor, the machine especially uses an iron plate and design a new safety door to push away.

Second, the machine looks like small size, but you can place 7.9 inches of iPad. You also can put 40 pieces of LCD screens at the same time.

Third, the machine occupies only 2/3 of ordinary bubble remover machine, but the capacity of it is larger than that of common bubble remover.

Fourth, the door use 14.5mm thick aluminum plate to prove the safety and keep reliable.

Fifth, it has built-in brand accessories, all parts are strict to inspect before they leave the factory so that it can provide stable quality and long service life.

How to Use a Bubble Remover Machine?

The machine is too simple to use. You should note that bubble removing is one of the many steps of an LCD glass repair or phone refurbishment.

Thus, you have to learn how to laminate OCA and LCD screen first before bubble removing. This is because bubble removing is the step just after lamination.

The most important things are that you should finish all steps with the glass or LCD screen lamination at first, and then use bubble remover to remove bubbles.

At last, it is indispensable for you to have a bubble remover if you run a business on smartphone repairing industry. So far, there are many lamination machines which include the function of bubble remover; it is sufficient to satisfy the demand on all kinds of cellphone repair & refurbish business.