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What is the LCD Separator Machine and how it helps to repair cellphone screens?

To promote the business of repairing mobile phones and tablets in a short time, it is the best choice for you to purchase the LCD Separator Machine. It can help you solve many problems with refurbishing the screens of mobile phones and tablets, like Two-Button Super-Strong Suction Separator.


Why Do We Choose to Use the LCD Separator Machine?

Nowadays, you can see many people use a mobile phone around you in our daily life. It is very convenient for us to search for all kinds of information or data on the Internet through the mobile phone. No matter where do you want to go, you do not need to worry about you are lost, or you do not know how to speak the local languages because you have a mobile phone in your hands. It can help you solve many problems you meet in life.

There are many cellphone repair stores and large refurbish working shops coming up to satisfy the large demand for repairing the screens of mobile phones. If you do this kind of business, maybe you need the LCD separator machine so that you can provide a better service to your customers.

What Is The LCD Separator Machine?

At present, there are manual vacuum machines (vacuum inside) and freezing separator machines to separate the screens of mobile phone and tablets on the market. They are the machines that you can use them to separate the glass cover from the LCD screens and remove the OCA adhesive remains on the LCD screens. The best way to repair the screens of mobile phones is by using both machines together. Use the freezing machine to separate the frame and LCD screen of the mobile phones in advance. Then use the manual separator machine together with degumming machine and steel wire to separate the glass cover and LCD screen of mobile phones and remove OCA adhesive. It can reduce the failure rate of separations, and it can improve the service quality of mobile phone repairers.

What Is The Operating Principle Of Separator?

For the freezing machine, the temperature can be reduced rapidly by the action of air compressor and refrigerant inside the machine, and the temperature can be dropped rapidly to – 185℃. After the freezing, the parts on the screen of the mobile phone would be hardened and solidify. At this moment, the operator can quickly separate the glass cover from the LCD screen or separate the frame from the LCD screen of the mobile phones or tablets by using very thin cards.

For the manual separator, after the machine is heated slightly to create thermal energy, it uses a vacuum to absorb the screen of the mobile phone. When the temperature of the machine is up to around 90℃, the OCA adhesive would soften so that the operator can separate the glass cover from the LCD screen easily.

What Is The Difference Between Two LCD Separator Machines?

For the Manual separator, it is applicable for separating the flat mobile screens. If you use the Manual separator to separate the edge screens of mobile phones, it cannot work well. Because the working efficiency would be low and it is hard for the operator to disassemble the edge screens of mobile phones.

In the ordinary, the mobile phone repairers would like to choose the freezing separator machine to dismantle the edge screens. It is easy to operate, and it can increase the working efficiency when you receive many repairing orders. It helps to solve the problems of separating the edge screens.

What Is the Difference Between the LCD Frozen Separator Machine and the Manual Vacuum Separator Machine?

For the Manual separator, it has a built-in vacuum pump, and the temperature is adjustable;- It is easy to operate.;- It is used to separating all straight screens and removing the OCA adhesive with degumming machine and steel wire;- The volume of it is small, and the price is economical and practical;- It can greatly reduce the production cost for the cellphone repair stores;- The most important point is the machine hardly any noise.

For further particulars, you can watch below videos in Youtube:

FW-2020 Two-Button Super-Strong Suction Vacuum Separator For Edge/Flat In-Frame Screen Separating

iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Refurbishing Video Tutorial – Step 2: Separate The Glass


For the frozen separator, the temperature can rapidly cool and drop to -185℃ in a short time. It can separate the frame and glass with few minutes. It has a large working place; you can place 6 pieces of phones or tablets to freeze at the same time. It adopts the intelligent operating interface, and you need to press one key to start when you set up the parameters. It is very easy to operate. The machine is a little bulky, and the price would be relatively higher than the manual separator. However, if you are a businessman with a long-term seeing, you would like to choose this machine. The machine is applicable for separating all edge screens, flat screens, and tablets.


Of course, to improve the refurbish service to your clients, the best way is to purchase both the manual vacuum separator and the freezing separator machine. You can use them together to solve all the problems of refurbishing the screens of all mobile phones and tablets.