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What Is A FW-2020 Universal Separator?

A new super-strong suction Universal Vacuum Separator has come out recently. This is a thermal separation machine that you can use it to disassemble the mobile phone flat screen, edge screen, frame disassembly and glue removing. You can separate the edge screen or removing glue in-frame as well.


Now let’s see how fabulous this machine is!

First, the heating working platform is made of special heating aluminum and handled by oxidative drawing sandblasting. So it’s even heating, safer and energy saving.

All four corners have used R chamfered design. It’s more conductive to the separation wire, and difficult to pull off.


Second, preheating platform uses heightened design, which is easier to separate the screen. Increase the working platform siege and increase the vacuum suction, which is used more stable. Increase the height of working platform, more in line with operating height.

When you use the separator, you can install four desktop fixed metal feet to fix the machine on the working platform as your needs.

Third, equipped with high-class metal double switches. One is for controlling temperature, and the other is for controlling vacuum pump, more in line with the actual needs of repairpersons. It can only open the vacuum without heating, better protect the screen and extend the service life of the machine.


Fourth, intelligent digital display instrument, intuitive and accurate, precise temperature control, simple operation, easy to adjust at any time.

Fifth, creative design. The machine has 3 groups temperature memory channels, you can choose to use 3 groups default set memory temperature according to the needs of different models and different operations, respectively 65℃, 100℃ and 200℃.

Or you can change and set the temperature values according to your operation habits, which is simple, efficient and convenient.

Sixth, the machine is built in a fine air pump. It has super strong suction, high temperature resistance and ultra-quiet. And it has a filter inside, which can effectively filter the broken glass and small residues brought by the separation, effectively increase the service life of vacuum pump.


Seventh, it is able to use with detachable molds, like edge in-frame separating mold. The mold can be only sucked in vacuum and no need to be fixed with screws if you not often use it or use it not for long time. If it’s used frequently, the mold should be fixed with screws.


In a conclusion, FW-2020 Universal Separator can meet the common mobile phone refurbishing needs of flat screen & edge screen separation, frame disassembly and glue removing. It’s extremely suitable for cellphone repair shops.