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Zero+ Screen Film Cutter (Built-in screen + Bluetooth version) Operation Steps Tutoria | FORWARD

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

Zero+ Screen Film Cutter (Built-in screen + Bluetooth version) Operation Steps Tutorial – from the beginning to the end. In this operation steps tutorial video, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the Forward Zero Plus screen film cutting machine (built-in screen version), and you can see how to install the front film and back skin on the HuaWei P30 Pro (Edge screen).

Note: This version of the film cutting machine supports two operation modes,
①Mobile Operation: use a mobile phone to connect the machine through Bluetooth connection;
② Touch-screen Operation: operate directly on the built-in screen of the machine. You only need to use one of these methods to operate the machine.​

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High-Quality Flexible Explosion-proof Film (High Clear, Anti-blue, Anti-glare), Screen Protector:

Zero+ protector plotter is simple and fast, can cut 12.9 inches of large film, use as you like, effectively reduce inventory and save costs. You can use this screen film cutting machine to cut all models of front films, back films, and full coverage back films. It’s commonly used in mobile phones, tablets, watches, cameras, AirPods, etc.

00:00 Unboxing And Installation of New Zero+ Film Cutting Machine
03:25 Overview Of Two Ways To Use Zero+
03:42 The First Method Of Operating Zero+ Plotter: Mobile Operation
06:31 The Second Method Of Operating Zero+ Plotter: Built-in Screen Operation
07:47 Zero+ Cutting And Installing Front Film / Back Skin for HuaWei P30 Pro (Edge screen)

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