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RMB-3+ OCA lamination machine can be not only a split machine but also an all-in-one machine FORWARD

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

RMB-3+ OCA Lamination Machine is the global first new all-in-one machine, you can deform it at any time as you need. It is not only an all-in-one machine but also a split type machine. There’re two ways to use this machine:

a. Using way of an all-in-one machine: connecting all-in-one motor which is a combination of vacuum pump and air compressor. The machine looks like an all-in-one machine after you combine the host and the all-in-one motor. This is a standard power version.

If you don’t like the combination of the all-in-one motor and the host, the motor can separate with the host, directly put it on the ground to connect the host to use.

b. Using way of a split-type machine: the host is connected with the independent vacuum pump and air compressor. It’s full power, high efficiency, and the service life would be longer.

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