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iPhone X screen LCD lamination completed within 45s with RMB-2 OCA lamination machine

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

Known for its efficiency, the RMB-2 oca lamination machine can complete the iPhone X’s LCD laminating work in 45 seconds.

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RMB-2 EDGE OCA Lamination Machine ( ) Features:

1. Two in one machine, allocate strong vacuum pump and air compressor extra, fast working speed, time-saving and high efficiency
2. Edge molds supported, the machine can laminate all series of edge screens on the market
3. Self-contained safe bubble remover, zero-risk operation, more convenient. Equipped with inner bubble remover. High efficiency. Small volume
4. 100cm large cylinder with a maximum pressure of 6.8kg/cm²
5. Thick parallel guides and pressure plates to ensure the smooth and safe laminating process
6. Equipped with water outfall, it can drain regularly so that the using life of the machine and its accessories can be longer

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