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iPad Pro 12.9-inch Back Film Skin Installation Video | Forward Zero Screen Protector Cutting Plotter

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

Using Forward Zero Plotter Cut 16 inches carbon fiber back skin for iPad Pro 12.9. It is more difficult to install a large iPad back film than a small mobile phone back film. To cut a back skin for iPad Pro 12.9, a large 16-inch back film must be used.
Note: Small size film (such as mobile phone back film) is fed in horizontally. The 16 inches large back film in the video is fed in vertically.

Too many popular models to meet the demand?
It’s difficult to consume inventory hoarding, and the cost of screen protector business is too high?
Come and use FORWARD screen film cutting machine, zero stock of applying screen protector!

00:00 Forward Back Skin Film
00:09 12.9 Inches iPad Back Skin Cutting
01:53 iPad Pro 12.9-inch Back Film Skin Installation
05:38 Forward Zero Plotter

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