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How To Replace Apple iPhone XR Cracked Front Glass+Touch With CEO-1+ OCA Laminating Machine

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

In this video, we cover an Apple iPhone XR Cracked Front Glass+Touch Repair With FORWARD CEO-1+ OCA Lamination Machine. Laminating and bubble removing are completed in one time.

CEO-1+ Video:
CEO-1+ oca laminator:

#CEO-1+ Features:
1. Three pressure adjusters (double laminating pressures + one bubble pressure), one-time setting, use repeatedly, simple and efficient
2. Independent metal physical buttons, one key start (E-stop), work efficiency increased exponentially
3. Equipped with 100cm diameter powerful large cylinder, the laminating bubbles are smaller, the effect is more perfect
4. Make hard things simple, only use four steel bars to fix the position, the operation is simpler

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