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High Clear/Anti-blue/Anti-glare Flexible Explosion-proof Film, Multi-material, Multi-size #Protector

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

How to choose a suitable mobile phone screen protector? Material quality, pasting methods, filming skills, and screen film cutting machine accuracy will directly affect the final effect and use sense of experience.

The more widely used front films include high clear film, anti-blue film, and matte film.

00:00 Screen Protector Show
00:08 High Clear Explosion-proof Film
00:55 Anti-glare (Matte) Flexible Explosion-proof Film
01:29 Anti-blue Flexible Explosion-proof Film
02:14 Introduction Of Commonly Used Films Of Different Sizes And Materials, Including iPad Film

#FORWARD Flexible Explosion-proof Film Features
**Imported material from South Korea, smooth touch feeling, fit closely and does not warp edges
**The pasting method is easy to locate and not easy to damage the film, avoiding waste of materials
**Very few scratches and bubbles after pasting, and looks better
**High cost-effective **Fine touch feeling, no bubbles, touch-sensitive, good stickiness, good elasticity

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