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Forward RMB-3 Three-Pressure-Adjuster Edge OCA Lamination Machine | Best Choice For Upgrading Flat

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

Forward RMB-3 three-pressure-adjuster edge oca lamination machine can do flat and edge screen, best choice for upgrading flat screen oca laminating machine.

Owned a bubble remove machine?
Owned compressor and vacuum pump?
Owned a lamination machine can do flat screen?
Need in-frame supported?
Want to upgrade to a laminating machine that can laminate edge/flat screens?
Easier and more efficient operation?
Forward RMB-3 Three-Pressure-Adjuster edge oca laminator is your best choice!

RMB-3 ( ) Multiple features, outstanding performance
1) Edge Supported/ In-frame Supported Flat and edge screen supported, best choice for upgrading flat screen oca lamination machine
Tip: Use with Forward edge mold

2) Three Pressure Adjusters Operation Several pressure systems, make screen lamination more refined

3) Three Press Keys External separate physical lamination Start/E-stops button, one button to Start/E-stop the machine

4) Large Working Area 11.8 inches big working area, It is able to laminate 10.5 inches large screen

5) Stable Structure Thick balance guide rails and lamination pressure plates can make the laminating process more stable

6) No Wrinkle, No Bubbles Equipped with a 100mm high quality large cylinder, the lamination effect is more perfect

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