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FORWARD – Matte Front Film | Has 6 Core Advantages Magic Front Film

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

This video clearly shows you the advantages of the FORWARD brand front film. We treat our products and customers with our heart, and pursue quality in our products.
Compared with other not so good front films, the FORWARD front film has excellent advantages such as anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, ultra-high fluency, full-screen coverage, and ultra-high definition. In terms of product quality, we have been committed to providing you with the best experience!


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00:01 Video title
00:06 Easy to paste
00:37 Effect display
00:45 Anti-fingerprint contrast performance
00:54 Anti-reflective eye protection contrast performance
01:01 Full-screen coverage contrast performance
01:06 Anti-scratch contrast performance
01:17 Fluency contrast performance

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