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CEO lamination machine makes iwatch series 1 2 3 4 cracked LCD glass screen replacement be easier

Forward Lab
June 17, 2022

This is a video on how to laminate oca and LCD and the glass screen on apple watch. The CEO lamination machine gives you an easy way to repair the apple watch glass screen.

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CEO edge full-automatic all in one oca lamination machine ( ) is well ahead of the curve as we have put forward a novel conception to make users more convenient.
1. In-frame lamination: no need to split up the frame. Fewer operations, more security. In-frame lamination technique is a low-cost solution. Because you no need to use other molds to start laminating so that there are no bubbles and waves.
2. 15 inches platform: it can laminate 6 screens and Ipad at a time. You can generate more profits with a larger platform.
3. EDGE screen acceptable: CEO oca lamination machine can laminate EDGE screen with a cheaper solution.
4. Reform of the base mold: only a few sticks can replace the heavy base mold.

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