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Have You Ever Done the In-frame Lamination —— OCA Lamination Machine Tutorials

Forward Lab
June 21, 2022
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There are three S8 screens need to been repaired, and today we would like to show you how to laminate these screens in frame through using our latest special mat.


glue, thin protective film, new glass with OCA, black magic laminating mat,  special mat, RMB-2 laminating machine, UV lamp

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Hello everybody! Welcome to keep focusing on FORWARD MACHINE FACTORY if you like it. You can get OCA Lamination Machine Tutorials here for your reference.

There are three S8 screens need to been repaired, and today we would like to show you how to laminate these screens in frame through using our latest special mat.

This special mat may amazing you as it is really useful and practical and it can help you to fulfill the frame lamination.

Now let’s keep going on.

The screens we need to repair today which have been removed and cleaned up the glue before the frame lamination.

Now we can continue to laminate these screens in frame.

In the beginning, our engineer will add the glue to the frame.

Why we do that? It’s because we have no chance to add glue on it when we laminate the glass.

Then we need to use very thin protective film and insert it into the cable position.

How will it affect?

It can keep the air inside coming out without forming bubbles during the lamination process.

After the final cleanup, we can begin to laminate the glass.

The glass we use here has been attached with the OCA in advance.

Then we will use this glass to laminate S8 LCD in frame.

Following is a crucial step, you can see that our engineer align the side of receiver hole at first.

That’s because the receiver hole and the hole on the glass are more accurately positioned.

It can help us to locate the glass on the mid-frame more precisely.

Then the engineer aligns two sides with his hands.

And press the middle with his hands, after that the whole positioning is completed.

The next part we have to use FORWARD’s special mat, putting it on the edge of the glass.

Once done, putting them into an OCA lamination machine for bonding. The machine we use in this process is one of FORWARD’s products — RMB-2 laminating machine.

For this part, we need to select the LCD mode.

The pressure here we use is 2kgs in the frame lamination of the model of S8.

The vacuum time we set to 120s and the lamination time to 40s.

As you know, the glass has been attached together with the LCD firstly in the frame lamination, so it needs to take a longer time to vacuum so that it can reach a perfect effect after the lamination.

Now let see how the lamination effect of the S8.

We can see that there are little bubbles on the screen.

The next part we would put it into the machine for bubble removing.

We can laminate the second screen in the gap of the defoaming and the whole process is as same as last one. We don’t repeat it here.

The debubble process is finished, we can see that the screen is completely no bubble.

But we can see it has a little fold through our eyes. It doesn’t matter. This slight fold would self-recovery in about one to two days and the screen will look perfect.

In the last step, we put this affixed LCD into the UV lamp for curing so that the LCD will not rebound and no need to rework.

The frame lamination work is done.

The tools we use today are very simple. They are a base that comes with our machine, a common mat, and FORWARD’s special mat. You can do the lamination in frame as long as you have these tools.

If you have any questions about the technology of this frame lamination, welcome you to contact us directly.

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