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FORWARD FW-9R Mini Film Beautified Machine
FW-9R Mini Film Beautified Machine | FORWARD

FW-9R Mini Film Beautified Machine | FORWARD

  • The machine is small and light, convenient to carry and use
  • Equipped with a safety door, safe and reliable during the beautified process
  • The integrated design of the bubble removal bucket. Air tightness is good, long service life
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Protector Custom Solution

In order to meet the rapidly growing market demand for personalized customization, FORWARD has launched a series of solutions. For example: screen protector custom solution; phone case custom solution; phone skins custom solution.
These solutions coupled with the screen protector cutting machine and F-Shopkeepers App, merchants and consumers can customize the screen protector film/ phone case/skins of any popular electronic device within 30 seconds.

Application Scenarios

Mobile Phone Store

Increase sales with on-demand screen protectors for any phone model. Our screen protector cutting machines combine precision and profitability.

Mobile Accessories Store

Make yourself stand out with custom screen protectors for every device. Our machines ensure your stock stands out in the aftermarket.

Mobile Phone Repair Shop

Convert repairs into revenue. Custom screen protector provided after repair. Our machines add value and satisfaction with every repair.

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