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2018 latest flex cable bonding machine
Latest flex cable bonding machine for phone repair

Latest flex cable bonding machine for phone repair

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If you are the owner of a repair shop or if you are doing refurbish business, maybe you are trapped in these questions:

1. Why to choose FORWARD flex cable bonding machine?

2. How did the customer receive our machine?

3. How do you get guarantee from us?

Now I will explain with easier way to show you how to solve these problems.


2018 FORWARD latest flex cable bonding machine is very clear to see every details.

With a large screen, the observation is more clear and convenient. So the success rate reached 99%.

It has four thousand-fold HD lenses. No dead band, clearly see every details.


Universal pulse cutter has wide applicability, iphone and Samsung flex cable can be repaired.

Equipped with precision adjustable platform, success rate reached 95%. It can use for flex cable pressing.

Use high precision cylinder and guideway to ensure balance downward press and reduce risk.

Small volume after packaging, greatly reducing transportation costs.

Use brand accessories. All parts are strictly tested before they are released, so that the machine with stable quality and long service life.


FW-117S  Parameters


Brand:FORWARD Model:FW-117S

Name:Latest flex cable bonding machine for phone repair

Voltage:220/110V Power:800W

Before weight:70KG

After weight:85KG

Before packing:780X530X600MM

After packing:800X550X720MM


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