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# Phone Case Custom Solution

--For Street Vendor

Small business solution with low budget.

Have you had any of these bad experiences?

Business is bleak

Unemployed and can't find a job

Store closed at a loss

Want to change careers but there is no way

Are you looking for the opportunity to start a small business on a low budget? Please take a look at the small business low-budget entrepreneurial plan tailored for you by the Forward team below!

# Phone Case Custom Solution--for Street Vendor

# Phone Case Custom Solution--for Street Vendor, it is a set of mobile phone case business solutions tailored for offline low-budget entrepreneurs. It solves the pain points of high start-up costs, high risks, low profits and slow returns. This is a solution that can achieve product value-added upgrades at a small cost and no longer lose customers.

Business Scene:

It is suitable for setting up stalls in parks, markets, pedestrian streets, residential quarters, office areas, shopping malls and other places with a lot of people.

Solution Advantage:

Small budget, big return. Rich field accumulation, help you quickly start the mobile phone case customization business.

Potential Customers:

Anyone with a smartphone, watch, or tablet is a potential customer, regardless of age or gender.

Applicable Customer Characteristics:

Entrepreneurs without stores, part-time earners, and freelancers, need to run a business quickly and at low cost.


Solution Advantage

Solution Advantage-test-1-Phone Case Custom Solution

Low Cost

This solution is specially designed for low-budget small businesses, and the minimum basic "startup package" package price is only $946.

Low Risk

There is no need to stock up on a lot of finished phone cases and finished screen protectors, and there is no inventory pressure.

Solution Advantage-test-2-Phone Case Custom Solution
Solution Advantage-test-3-Phone Case Custom Solution

High Profit

It can meet all customers' on-site quick customization of mobile phone skins and personalized customization of mobile phone cases, and the product premium is high.And no need to pay expensive shop rent.

Strong Mobility

The products of the whole set of solutions are small and light, easy to carry, and can go wherever there are many people, without the need for a fixed location, and with strong mobility. Different from the general business entrepreneurship program.

Solution Advantage-test-4-Phone Case Custom Solution
Solution Advantage-test-5-Phone Case Custom Solution


Fully furnished.Multiple choice from variety of designs increase profits by meeting the needs of all the customers.

Simple to Use

No experience is required, and even novice customers can get started quickly.

Solution Advantage-test-6-Phone Case Custom Solution

Phone Case Custom Solution Core

Less becomes more, multiple growth


Package Purchase

Massive Skins /Back Films Design

With 3,000 co-designers, a rich gallery in line with young people's aesthetics
Come and choose your favorite phone case skins!




Success Case

French customer: Elkhourss Islam
Occupation: Information security company employee
Foil income: 2000 EUR/day
Elkhourss Islam is a full-time employee of an information security company in France. Every weekend, he brings a film cutting machine to a stall near the warehouse to stick film. The mobile phone film business is his part-time sideline on weekends.This sideline adds to his family's income.

Chinese customers: MaoBo
Occupation: Street Vendor
Film income: 3300 yuan / day
MaoBo used to be the owner of a mobile phone accessories store. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the business of the store was not good. By chance, he saw someone using our film cutting machine on the street, so after he found our company to understand the whole set of solutions, he decided to start a street stall business-with screen protector cutting machine.Now he has become our distributor.


Why choose forward?


The global first manufacturer to propose "Phone Case Custom Solution"

Content advantage

Has 3000 co-designers, a rich image gallery that fits the aesthetics of young people

Ecosystem advantage

Plotter business, not only Plotter.Professional factory,High quality flexible explosion-proof film,Massive back films,Flexible matte peep-proof film,Film beautified machine,Back film custom artifact,Plotter phone case diy solution,Professional selection page.Global exclusive.

Unique design

Has a dedicated design team. No matter machine apperance/page design/film box/accessories/film, they are all designed, distinctive and brilliant

Technical Advantage

It has been 10 years for doing a machine factory. Excellent technology and possesses numberous patent certificates.

Price Advantage

Integration of industry and trade, own machine factory and film factory

Function Advantage

The plotter that can cut the largest size currently on the market; self-operating system, the interface is simple and easy to operate; convenient to operate.

Data Advantage

The shop owner can see the data of each machine; the agent can see the data of all the machines; it can achieve precise purchases and reduce excess inventory.

After-sales advantage

Dedicated after-sales team, business+technician mode, English communication, fast to solve the problems.

Quality advantage

Each machine has undergone aging quality inspection; Each film has been carefully selected and has multiple quality inspection procedures, superior quality. Has CE and CF certificates

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