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Science and technology are changing with each passing day,and technology brings forth the new through the old FORWARD has been keeping up with the times and continuous innovation,only to help your mobile phone store business/mobile phone accessories distribution business

Cooperate with powerful manufacturer

Please don't let the middlemen steal your profits anymore

Factory direct

Self-built 12000㎡ large factory.
Self-built a scale team of hundred people integrating R&D+design+ production and installation.
Self-built perfect ISO production management standards.

Many exclusive explosive products

Strong product competitiveness.
Strong market share.
Strong profit margin.

Professional technical traning team

Provide mobile phone repair technical traning.
Provide equipment use technical traning.
Provide equipment maintenance knowledge traning.

Fully support exclusive agents

Don't support vicious competition.
Provide strong marketing website support.
Built a complete agent SAAS management system.

Outstanding design

Have a professional designer team.
Have a uniform style and iconic product appearance.
Have ability to make personalized designs depend on customer needs.

OEM/ODM customization

Support bulk equipment logo customization.
Support bulk equipment appearance customization.
Support equipment hardware and software customization.

Other Supporting Services

6*24 Strong After-sales Service
Timely online technical support by engineers, timely multilingual after-sales translation assistance and timely provision of accessories services.

Support T/T, credit card, Paypal, banck transfer, online transfer and other payment methods.

Packaging Service

All our products have professional and safe packaging.

QC Service

100% strict quality control inspection, each product is strictly checked out before delivery, ensure that each product operates normally.

Deliver Time

All product will be prepared and shipped speedly for you after your payment.


We provide 0.5-2 years warranty service for each product.


Success Case

Jeremy Kooi

I am a repair veteran with 10 years of experience. I have used many different brands of machines. RMB-3+ is one of the most efficient and stable machines I have ever used. I like this equipment very much. I have used it to repair more than 500 curved screens, and it has brought very objective profit to our mobile phone shop!
Success Case-1

Alberto Marchetti

I am a mobile phone shop owner. Every day, customers need to change the back cover glass of Apple phones. This is a very good and profitable business, but the heating method using air guns is very inefficient and the damage risk is relatively high. Later, after a friend's introduction, I used a blue laser machine, which almost reached a 100% success rate, and the efficiency was greatly improved.
Success Case-2

Agent's Client

Our shop is mainly engaged in mobile phone accessories such as phone cases, mobile phone screen protectors, wireless Bluetooth headsets, small speakers, etc. The business is also very good. But the inventory problem of mobile phone screen protector has been bothering me until I used the ZERO+ screen film cutter. I adjusted the inventory. I prepared the finished screen film for the popular models, and I used ZERO+ for on-site cutting for other relatively unpopular models. Has been well received by all customers.
Success Case-3

Maestrello Matteo

More and more customers come to our store to inquire about iPad repair, and many customers use Edge screen mobile phones, so I chose the CEO-2+ which integrates a laminating machine and a bubble removal machine. It can laminate flat screens or edge screens, and can also laminate the 12.9-inch iPad pro, which meets all the needs of our shop's screen repair business!
Success Case-4

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